Apr 10 2012

Intensive PhD Seminar in financial accounting

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NHH Norges Handels√łyskole

Instructor: Ole-Kristian Hope (CFA, CPA, CMA), Deloitte Professor of Accounting

August 13-17, 2012


For applications and enquiries please contact Elisabeth Stiegler at NHH no later than May 28.


This intensive course in capital-markets oriented accounting research at NHH offer an introductory survey of empirical research in accounting.

Students should expect to spend the summer preparing for the course. The course content will be finalized and papers assigned approximately eight weeks prior to course start. A detailed course schedule will be made available to registered students at that time. The course will primarily cover recently published articles as well as current working papers. Creativity in research ideas as well as basic research design issues is emphasized.

No prior background in accounting research is expected for this introductory course. However, students are expected to be highly motivated and have a positive attitude. There will be a low tolerance for laziness.